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Topic: FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
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How do I access the VIP Room?

You gain access to the VIP Room after you have donated to keeping the board ad free and with special features. (No staff member is given a salary and donations are handled directly by the hosting service of the board.) Access is granted on the following basis:

$5 = 2 months
$10 = 4 months
$20 = 8 months
$30 = 1 year
$100 = Lifetime V.I.P. Access (continued donations would still be appreciated).

Is there a 5thClark Sister?

Yes there is a 5th Clark Sister Dr. Denise Clark-Bradford who left the group in the 80s to pursue individual ministry endeavors & focus on her family. Any other comments, rumors or fallacies posted on this matter will be promptly deleted to avoid conflict. We are NOT a gossip site.

Is there any information on Dr. Moss-Clark's husband Mr. Cullum?

No we do not have any further information on him.

What if I have a personal question about one of the family members?

This may go unanswered but we advise the best person to answer this question WILL be that member and not a board member who may/may not know the Moss-Clark Family personally.

What kind of questions can I post on the

You may post general questions about the Clark Family and/or their ministry, however an accurate response is not guaranteed.

How Do I post a picture?

To post a picture first ensure you have the link of the picture you wish to use copied and then click on the insert/edit image button in advanced editing mode. The feature is very easy to use and the image can be resized by dragging its edges.


How big can my signature & avatar be?

Your avatar can be a maximum of 200px X 200px. Your signature cannot exceed a height of 300px and a width of 600px

How Do I post videos?

You may post vintage footage and other live footage on the board. However you may not use the board to post distributed footage in its entirety. To embed a video click the green film strip button on the bar in advanced editor mode while posting.

Can I post audio?

You may ONLY post sample clips of current or upcoming music & sermons on the board but they may not be posted in their entirety. Out of print music may be posted but will only be kept on the board for a maximum of 3 weeks with a reposting based on staff discretion. We rather you support each Moss/Clark ministry by purchasing authentic copies of their music rather than redistributing it.

How Do I insert Emoticons in the chatbox?

You insert the emoticon by typing the code for the emoticon. A list of the emoticons and codes can be found in a thread in the welcome section.

Can I have contact info for any family members ministry?

No the board will not relay such information. If you require booking/sales information we will redirect you to the necessary parties so they can communicate independently with you and your party.

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